LEMON GRASS SCENT BERLIN Frisch und köstlich!

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4 Sterne aus 113 Bewertungen
20 Feb 2020 um 10:15 Alles sehr lecker!
18 Feb 2020 um 21:03 Delightful first time for us, so tasty and savoury!
1 Feb 2020 um 9:02 Food excellent but the rider had to take a detour to deliver other food. A 3 min ride took 35 mins and the food was cold. Can't wait for Deliveroo to come back to the Berlin market. The restaurants and customers deserve better than this.
29 Jan 2020 um 19:59 order took more than 90min to be delivered. restaurant was waiting for driver for 40min which led to the food being cold. unacceptable delivery service (but i guess this is what happens if there is a monopoly)
17 Jan 2020 um 22:02 Soße komplett ausgelaufen und der Fahrer hat uns das komplett verschmierte Essen einfach in die Hand gedrückt.
15 Jan 2020 um 15:55 Alles bestens. Sehr lecker.
9 Jan 2020 um 8:44 Imbissbudenqualität. Wahnsinnig fettig alles.